Thursday, 3 February 2011

Analysis 4: Early Influence Map - Vacuum Cleaner

Analysis 4
Early Influence Map - Vacuum Cleaners

What is a 'Vacuum Cleaner'? Definitions on the Web:

·         Vacuum: an electrical home appliance that cleans by suction.

·         A vacuum cleaner (also simply vacuum or hoover in colloquial British English and a sweeper in eastern US dialects such as Pittsburgh English) is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors.

·         A domestic or industrial mobile machine for cleaning floors and similar surfaces that draws dust and other particles into a container (often a bag) by the suction created by an electric motor driving a fan.

·         Is available for your use on each landing.

Whether it's a 'Hetty' or a 'Henry', or even a 'Dyson DC25 Animal Bagless' vacuum cleaner, it's essentially... a vacuum cleaner. Home appliances like these give us the best experience of domestic life. To the particularly effective decontamination of the suction, to the removal of dust mite allergens and reduction of bacteria on the floors, it's purpose benefits the whole family.

Okay, so vacuum cleaners can facilitate the improvement of the air breathed into the house-blah blah, lovely. That's cool. But don't they look awfully boring! Despite the visual trauma, I began conducting research right away with a focus on 'breakthrough vacuum cleaners', looking specifically at their frankensteinian advances. A.K.A. Nu Nu and the Teletubbies (Kayleigh, my working partner, suggested this one! :-)).

Elephant crumb kitchen vacuum cleaner:

Through my investigation, I struck upon a kitchen counter, elephant minature vacuum cleaner. I thought about how animalistic features could represent the shape of an object, any object for that matter. Nothing sparks more attention than Disney's Dumbo (1941). The physical handicap; source of discrimination and social tensions, can be fought if there is the will and thus turn the tide in his favour. Maybe not to the full extent..., but the collaboration of circus, elephant, and hoover morph sounds doable. I'll experiment with this, but wont overkill it. I'll keep the blog updated.
Note: I am aware the image rotation of the 'Henry Hoover' is back to front.

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